Zoom on the latest job trend : Personal shopper

Zoom on the latest job trend : Personal shopper

The last couple of years have seen rising a new kind of job career : personal shoppers.

What exactly is a personal shopper ?

Personal shoppers provide expert advice to a specific client, and offer them a personal shopping experience. They present the latest trends in terms of fashion to the customers, are able to tell what is fashionable, and build a lasting relationship with their clients.

Being a personal shopper does not only include going to the mall and search for the best pieces of clothing in stores ; the job requires working with sales associates to always get the unique and exclusive pieces first, or to be aware of the best prices.

The main task of a personal shopper is to offer a unique and privileged experience and to save their customer money and time. Meaning they would do everything to satisfy their customer, whatever the time of the day and whatever the request : the customer is king.


If wealthy people are not the only ones hiring personal shoppers, they are still the main clientele.

And a business of luxurious personal shoppers has arisen to help with celebrities and important person’s wardrobe.

For instance, Amanda Sanders is one of the few who has succeeded in this career, and counts among her regulars customer Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes or Colin Quinn to name a few.

She is one of the most famous and most trusted style expert and consultant, and personal shopper across the United States.

Personal shoppers are democratizing now and are not only addressing to wealthy people anymore: anyone can get themselves a personal shopper for a wardrobe makeover or to live a unique shopping experience once in their lives.


Margaux Bogdan



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