Yves Saint Laurent: when the suit gave the power to women

Yves Saint Laurent: when the suit gave the power to women

Yves St Laurent has always had one leitmotiv: set the woman free and give her style at the same time. We all know that he loved adding man’s clothes to the women’s wardrobe. In 1966, he designed Le Smoking, an elegant suit, designed for women. The designer really did revolutionize the fashion. The suit was a bold choice, but it created a huge success and empowered the women. Of course the pants for women did not created a success directly, but more a real buzz worldwide. All the fashion magazines were talking about it, and some did not agree with Mr. St Laurent choice. Even in some restaurants, women were not allowed to were that kind of outfit. But seeing more and more models (first), in the magazines, then high society women, then powerful women, did democratize the suit for women. Let’s remember that the suit is the masculine attribute “par excellence”.

A man who wears a suit is a successful, rich man, carrying responsibilities. A smoking is a suit for men, for festivities. Thanks to the way the suit is perceived, it did give real importance to women when they were wearing it.


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