Yves Saint Laurent movies

Yves Saint Laurent movies


In 2014, two films about Yves Saint Laurent came out.




Yves Saint Laurent” directed by Jalil Lespert with Pierre Niney as Mr Saint-Laurent and Guillaume Gallienne as Pierre Berger (who gave his approval for the film, not for the other). This movie is focused on the beginning of YSL’story. The story starts when YSL enter at Dior, he just moved out from Algeria. Then he met Pierre Berger. How This relationship affect the decisions is one of the principal topic of the movie.




In the other hand, “Saint Laurent” directed by Bertrand Bonello with Gaspar Ulliel as YSL and Jérémie Renier as Pierre Berger, begins when YSL is already with Berger and already run the company. The point of view is different because this movie highlights the private life of the artist.


Both movies are additional and show us two different sides of the famous designer. Pierre Berger has approved one of them. We can wonder how faithful it was with the reality.




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