Yves Saint Laurent invents the leather jacket

Yves Saint Laurent invents the leather jacket


The leather jacket, a rebellious statement piece that everyone owns or should, at least one in their wadrobe.

It was in 1960, that the leather jacket made its appearance in the streets and especially jumped the gap between sexes thanks to the unique vision of the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. At the time, only men wore leather jackets like James dean or Marlon Brando for instance.

His creation allowed to not only liberate women but also fashion.


Indeed Mister Yves Saint Laurent’s inspiration came by cruising around Parisian jazz clubs and observing art students. This is how he came up with « the beat collection », a collection that provoked « both outrage and adoration » recalled by Vogue magazine.

At the time, the world of haute couture considered the collection as bad taste because it made obvious references to the term « bad boy ». This marked the beginning of the « saint laurent revolution.



Stacey Parkinson

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