Would You Collaborate with These Brands?

Would You Collaborate with These Brands?


Every item up for customization, every fabric to choose from, and even the placement of every insect and animal in the menagerie of available patches has been signed off on by the man who made all of it cool in the first place.

“I tried to give them something slightly different, to allow them to have some little acts of freedom while wearing Gucci.” That freedom empowers you to decide just how full-tilt you want your Gucci to go.

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That proposal is sent along to the Hermès Sur-Mesure team, and so begins one of the most innovative and sophisticated made-to-order processes in the world. The proposal will be reviewed by a design team, sketches drawn up, prototypes developed, and finally, with the client’s approval, in the careful hands of Hermès’s highly skilled craftsmen, the apple bag will become a reality.

“Anything is possible” is a very real and true mantra at Hermès Sur-Mesure. At the end of the day, if you’ve managed to realize an object that creates an emotional impact, that’s a success”, says de Beaufort.

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Dolce & Gabbana Alta Satoria

Alta Sartoria is Dolce & Gabbana’s hyper-exclusive, über-opulent line. Since 2015, the designers have invited their most committed clients to an exotic Italian location for a weekend of shows and parties—palazzi in Portofino, Naples, and Palermo have played host—and to an annual January show in Milan. Suiting is the highlight of the collection, but for Alta Sartoria the duo tailors an entire maximalist fantasyland.

Once a piece is ordered right off the runway, it can be customized to make the one-of-a-kind garment totally personal. “Clients come up to us and tell us they want something that no one else in the world has. We try to make their most hidden desires come true,” says Gabbana. “Alta Sartoria is the balance between extreme attention to details, finishing touches, proportions, decorations, embroideries, and the creation of items our clients desire and want to wear today,” adds Dolce.


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