Worlds Most Expensive Dog Collar

Worlds Most Expensive Dog Collar

Here’s some great news for dog lovers.

What if you could buy a collar that emphasizes how fabulous your dog is?

Now that’s possible! How?

Thanks to the creation of ‘I Love Dogs Diamonds’, the dazzling, diamond-studded with precious jewels mostly diamonds and sapphires weighs 52 carats. For those of you with a more exquisite taste and certainly value exclusivity above all, this ‘’Amour Amour’’ collard that is custom-made costs an astounding $3.2 million.

Now for some this quote will make sense: Diamonds are the dog’s best friends, and since they are ours what better way of showing how much they mean to you with this amazing gift? One thing you can rest assures is that this is no doubt the world’s most expensive collar and will definitely catch the attention of anyone your dog comes across.

Sara Costa