Women, Sexualization, and Ads

Women, Sexualization, and Ads

Advertisements have been shown on our Television screens for decades. When you’re home watching the news or a specific program, an advertisement is bound to pop up during the commercial break. You’re most likely at that moment to mute the volume or switch the channel. But when it comes to an advertisement for a famous brand that’s promoting its new perfume or a new cosmetic product, not only does it catch your eye but also your attention. The reason behind the huge success and revenue for the brand is because these kinds of advertisements usually include what is known “attractive, perfect women”.

These advertisements also include enticing behavior, which attracts both male and female audiences. Two important issues have risen in this field of discussion. The first being that women seen in this picture-perfect view are objectified in the sense that they are merely sex objects that are there to entice the viewer to purchase the product being promoted – when it is obvious that women are much more than that. Second, is the sad and age-old inevitable issue where little girls who see these advertisements, will later on take a look in the mirror and more likely perceive themselves as unattractive in comparison.

Due to the large influence, these perfect women have on them, it pressures them to look just as perfect so they begin to purchase and wear make-up. Starting from a young age, these girls that are exposed to those ads will change their style, and when that is not enough, grow up to doing multiple plastic surgeries in order to achieve the “perfect look”.

Girls at a young age are impressionable, but the impression they should have is the belief that they’re already perfect are and all the make-up, hair and accessories/clothes are just enhancements. All that matters is that in the future these young girls develop strong and determined personalities that would make them want successes in their chosen careers because of their intellectual capabilities.


Mirna Zook

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