Why is there different kind of glass for the alcool ?

Why is there different kind of glass for the alcool ?

Many are the types of drinking glasses. It’s not just meant to make you look fancy, there is more valuable reason. A wine has differents taste and it need an appropriate glass shape to answer to its characteristics. A stem is obviously present in each wine glasses, to keep you from altering the temperature of the wine in the glass

Usually, a white wine need a tulip shape glass . Its aroma come directly to your nose and its large round base let the perfume show itself. However, a dessert wine glass is smaller and has a smaller opening because sweetness is perceived more on the tongue than in the nose.


Tulip shape


Burgundy glass

If you prefer red wine with a lot of flavours, take a Burgundy glass. Bigger is the shape, better is the oxygenation.It is ideal for delicate and structured wines such as Pinot noir.

A champagne need to keep the bubble thats why we use a flute. Aroma isn’t as important as red wine. The goal of the flute is to keep the bubble last for as long as possible.



Camille PEROIS

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