Why is « made in France » so successful ?

Why is « made in France » so successful ?

The «  made in France » is a point of reference for the luxury goods because of the exceptional know how.

The geographical origin is important criteria for the buyers and for the economical issue of the firm.

The luxury houses like Louis Vuitton, Dior or Hermes founded their prestige by showing the consummers their uncommon know how.

« Made in France » is a form of excellence. More over it is an amenity in this sector.

However, in some field, other countries are better seen for their expertise and know how. For example, Italia is well known for the shoes or Switzerland for watches.

During the time of firm delocalisation, the big French houses put forward their craftman and their traditional techniques. In this way, Chanel bought since 1985, few presitgious workshops to keep their activites. Massaro is a bootmaker, Michel a hatmaker, Lesage an embroider, Causse a glovesmaker.

Foreign people bought it for the quality, the prestige and because France is the heart of the luxe.

And for the French consumers it is also because of the economical process. It help the growth, competitiveness and thanks to it their is less unemployment.

 Camille PEROIS

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