Why is Instagram so important for luxury fashion houses?

Why is Instagram so important for luxury fashion houses?

Instagram has become one of the most used social media for fashion brands for a few years now. Some brands are reaching more than 7 millions followers. It has become a very interesting tool to communicate and share with the exigent luxury clientele.

Every Instagram post create for the brands, an unbelievable number of likes and shares. Advertising has never been so easy, but not only, it also allows the brand to stay close to their customers, to reach a new, younger generation and to talk about any kind of relevant information directly to the clientele, that feels privileged by being in « real » contact with its favorite brand.  By being very interactive, Instagram gives to the brand a real personality and make them part of the lives of their community. We should not forget that social medias were first created to share information with your friends…

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