Why is everybody fascinated by Coco Chanel ?

Why is everybody fascinated by Coco Chanel ?

Coco Chanel, who does not know her ? In our current society she still fascinates, but why ?

Simply because she liberated women.

Born in 1883, at a time where only men had power, Coco Chanel did not let herself be pushed around. She had quite an arrogant character, a feature that we can now thank her for.

Willing to impose her style she was soon noticed by her attitude, very daring, for women at the time.

Coco Chanel introduced for the first time pants for women, a clothing piece that only men could normally wear. Inspired by the freedom pants could offer she associated for the first time confort and style.

She also got nocticed by refusing to wear a « corset », a statement piece that women were obliged to wear because it enhanced womens curves.

To summarize, Coco Chanel really liberated women in the way they dressed by putting aside corsets, hats and veils and proposing instead more comfortable clothes.

She had a huge impact on the fashion world and it is really thanks to her that women dress themselves like they do nowadays in the 21st century.


Stacey Parkinson


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