Who Was Christian Dior?

Who Was Christian Dior?

When you say the name Christian Dior you think about the great french Couturier. He was synonymous of fashion, luxury and splendor. Every woman wanted to wear Christian Dior dress. Although he was raised in the rich family, his fashion had a modest beginning.



Christian Dior. The fashion legend born in France in 1905. He was the son of the successful fertilizer company. When he was a little boy, family moved to Paris. The Dior’s fascination to the art became his profession. Despite of the fact that his parents wanted him to become diplomat, de decided to be an architect.

In 1928 Dior opened a little art gallery. In no time the little place was hosting works of a great artists like for example Picasso. Unfortunately in 1931 the gallery had to be close. The black time in the Dior’s family influenced his business.

Christian Dior as a child with his mother


The passion to art was very strong in him. After the 1932 he started to make fashion sketches and sell them. He was earning for life in this way. His works were sold in the Figaro Illustré. He was noticed and hired by Robert Piguet as a young designer assistant. His carrier as a fashion icon seemed to begin. Unfortunately with the beginning of the II World War he had to serve in army.

In 1940 Dior returned to the France and was hired by the Lucien Lelong, who was providing the suits for the Nazi army.



In 1946 he opened his own design house. His dream was to settle his boutique on the 30 rue de Montaigne. The dream came come true and the boutique with office is still situated on this address. He revolutionized fashion with his first collection – The New Look Collection in 1947. This collection was completely opposite of what was going on in the industry during last previous years. The fashion shows were boring and monotonous. With the New Look Dior introduced a new ways of dressing, but also new way of showing the creation. There was music, light. In the ’50 Christian Dior was the most famous fashion designer in the world. He had a privilege to dress Grace Kelly. He was making women feminine. In 1953 he hired talented Yves Saint Laurent, mostly because of his sketch skills. Dior was a person, who rather liked to create the items directly on the model, after changing, cutting tissue etc. Yves Saint Laurent was a right hand of Dior and was sketching his imagination. Young YSL was influenced by the Dior, but also it was very inconvenient for him to create very feminine clothes. Dior had a collection of the wooden sticks. Interesting fact might be, that YSL had taken one of the collection item and still we are able to see this object in his studio in Paris.

During the 10 years Dior created a fashion empire developing his company worldwide. He entered the american market. He was making licensing for gloves, hats etc.

21st May 1955: French fashion designer Christian Ernest Dior (1905 - 1957) with one of his mannequins, during a tour of Scotland. The designer insured his collection for ?60,000 and flew 172 dresses (worth about ?300 each), eight models, three organisers and three dressers from Paris to Scotland in order to raise money for the Friends of France which organises exchange visits for Scottish and French school children. The spectacular shows, at Glasgow and Gleneagles, proved very popular and raised ?4,000 for the charity. Original Publication: Picture Post - 7765 - Dior In Scotland - pub. 1955 (Photo by Thurston Hopkins/Picture Post/Getty Images)



Christian Dior died in 1957 because of the heart attack in the Italy. Despite of that, he managed to create a legend, which has  still a powerful impact for the fashion.


Olga Oplotna

Olga Oplotna

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