When Technology Meets Luxury…

When Technology Meets Luxury…

E-shopping of luxury goods was nonexistent for years. Slowly luxury houses are embracing the digital revolution and loving technology. The discussion about E-shopping is endless and luxury brands like Chanel are maintaining their boutique experience and tradition.

The middle class and high class grows, the average salary grows and more people enter the luxury universe. New consumers uses internet and technology daily and they have a high income which allows them to purchase luxury goods.

Portrait Nathalie Massenet, Gründerin des Shoppingportals Net-a-Porter.com

Natalie Massenet launched in the year 2000 a London based e-store for luxury products. Natalie used to be a journalist and stylist who saw a gap between online shopping and luxury goods. She was convinced about the fact that consumers still can experience the exclusivity with the packaging in black boxes and silk ribbons. The products are placed in soft paper for a unique experience. Net-a-Porter had a turnover of $200 million and the Swiss luxury Group, Richmond, purchased the company. After the success, she launched Mr. Porter for men. Embracing technology is really important to Natalie and that’s why she initiated the Porter Magazine which was launched in 2014. The featured items in the magazine can be purchased trough the Net-a-Porter Application.


Burberry is the perfect example of a fashion house who’s leading in the use of technology. In 2012 the Burberry Fashion Show was streamed live to Burberry stores and laptops. They also have placed interactive screens in the boutiques, where the consumer can see the further details of the product. The goods can be purchased online and in the store with the use of shopable technology. There are more potential buyers browsing online, and they visit the boutiques afterwards. That’s why the Burberry employees uses iPad’s which is customized to the Burberry collection to locate the products what the consumers really requires.

It is an interesting and challenging discussion. What would you prefer a Chanel bag in store and receive the luxurious consumer service or accept a lavish packaging at your desk without wasting time?

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