When Gucci created Guccissima, the worldwide know pattern

When Gucci created Guccissima, the worldwide know pattern

A lot of Luxury brands have their own pattern. However, two of them are tops of mind: Louis Vuitton, and, of course, Gucci. The brand even created a name for its worldwide famous monogram: Guccissima.


The brand appeared in 1921. Very quickly, in 1938, it became the Italian brand reference in Rome. Gucci became famous because of its iconic Bamboo Bag. However, even if the brand world widely famous (who even opened on the 5th avenue in NYC) is one of the Luxury pioneer, it doesn’t have a monogram. Guccissiama was then created in 1960. The pattern met an instant success trough the years and became the identity of the brand.

Gucci was famous before the creation of this iconic pattern, but Guccissima is still one of the most famous Luxury recognition sign.









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