When China makes luxury

When China makes luxury

The future of luxury is now playing in the East, particularly in major Chinese megalopolises, which have a growing share of global wealth. However, China is still slightly involved into the luxury field driven by Western brands, mainly French. However, there is a Fashion Week in Beijing where the fashion shows organized by the China Fashion Association are a key of communication and image…

  Watches, cosmetics, jewelry, liquor or clothes, rare 100% Chinese brands are now trying to conquer the luxury sector. Their common point? They sail on the desire of refinement and tradition and then respond to Chinese consumers behaviors changes. China has all the ingredients to bring out strong luxury brands. There already are very strong brands such as Chow Tai Fook, (world leader in jewelry before Tiffany’s & Co), Herborist in cosmetics (available at Sephora), Maotai spirits, Longio for watches, NE Tiger for couture etc … These 100% Made in China brands are beginning to get known and do not hesitate to get out of their borders to settle in the world luxury capital, Paris, competing our traditional brands…








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