What you can do with Champagne.

What you can do with Champagne.

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The perfect matches

Champagne is the perfect match with seafood. Scallops, Norwegian lobsters, oysters, but also white fish, truffles, poultries and strawberries. You can really do anything from the starters to the desserts.

The advantages

Champagne is perfect to deglaze, the effervescence brings some lightness to the sauce. It doesn’t tan the sauce when cooking so the champagne’s flavours are transferred to the sauce without altering it.


What to choose

Choose a brut champagne, means dry and non-vintage. A very good champagne will not be highlighted in a hot preparation. Besides, a bad one is not good enough because you will taste the badness. One or two glasses are enough in general, so you can serve the rest in table.

Which recipes

Champagne is a must have during the holidays. A Sabayon sauce for example. It can also replace the white wine in a risotto, in a glamorous version. What about the champagne sorbet? It’s the lightest and chicest dessert! Served with truffle chocolate… and champagne.

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What about cocktails

Often forget from the cocktails lovers, you can of course enjoy it in a multitude of cocktails.


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