What should we Know about the concept cars

What should we Know about the concept cars

Present at international car shows such as the Paris, Brussels and Geneva Motor Show, the concept cars are futuristic cars that make visitors dream. But what hides behind the extravagance of the design of these precious pearls? We must first know that the concept has become a unique product, very often only one and is not marketable. It is a full-scale prototype that serves to illustrate a new technology and an important innovation.

Just take a look at the car to understand what is never more circulating on our roads.

“This is mainly used to test the technologies, and then the designers’ creations indicate the direction of the evolution of automotive design,” explains Stéphane Boutier, Mercedes Marketing Director. “Like any concept car, it is not out of the state.It is rather to learn, especially on a technological level,” says Guillaume Eurin, responsible for development of driving aids and vehicles within the Renault group.

Technology is the sinews of war of the concept cars, true laboratories of serial vehicles of tomorrow. “At Mercedes, they develop the vision of the future, in the medium and long term,” says Stephane Boutier.

To move forward, manufacturers are trying a lot of things on their concept cars. “This is a new screen”. Concrete illustration of the technological usefulness of these models: in 2008 for example, Citroën presented the GT, a race car equipped with a hydrogen stacker, an employment technology now used.

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