What makes your watch work?

What makes your watch work?

We all love watches, but we don´t really know how that precious piece of art can also give us the time, date, etc. Here is a little guideline to describe the most important elements that make the watches work.

Quartz: A small battery that makes quartz vibrates. These small pulses are allowing the measurement of time. The beauty of quartz is that this mechanism is very precise; wrong, you’ll have to replace the battery at some point.

Automatic mechanism: These watches work as long as you use them, because the wrist movement that is what ‘winds it’ taking advantage of the inertia of the counterweight. Good thing I usually have more value because it manufactures; bad, you do not use frequently have to set the time continuously.

Kinetics: As in automatic, the movement of the wrist is what drives the rotor; however, these movements are converted into electrical energy through the battery leads. Good thing I have not set the time or change the batteries; we do not recommend if you usually wear a watch.


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