What is the link that unifies Chopard and Cannes Festival?

What is the link that unifies Chopard and Cannes Festival?

A very strong link unify the Cannes Festival and the high jewelry brand Chopard.

The golden palm has always been a real symbol of Cannes Festival. It is the dreamed trophy of every movie director internationally. Since 1998, the prestigious golden price is handmade in Chopard’s Atelier in Switerzland. The Golden Palm is also the symbol of the great relationship between the brand and the film festival.

The partnership between these two is very strong, and visible everywhere during these two weeks of chic and glamour on the french riviera. The red carpet most famous actresses are very often walking through the steps wearing amazing pieces of jewelry created exclusively by Chopard. They became great ambassadors for the jewelry house and offers the perfect visibility for the brand, that invest a lot of its communication budget in this prestigious festival. Cannes represents a great return on investments for the brand with 15% of its turnover made during this period. Chopard is also organizing every year a great events in Cannes.

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Manon Cattaneo


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