What is so special about the birkin bags?

What is so special about the birkin bags?

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY REGINE LAMOTHE A photo taken on June 11, 2015 shows Hermes Birkin bags at the Maroquinerie de la Tardoire, a Hermes workshop specialized in products made with calfskin, in Montbron, southwestern France. AFP PHOTO / MEHDI FEDOUACHMEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP/Getty Images

A birkin bag is not just a bag. Behind it there is a history, a mystery, a waiting list, craftsmanship…

All these factors make this bag unique and special for all women.


The Quality is an important asset in the uniqueness of the bag. The birkin bag is handmade by professional artisans, moreover it takes approximately 48hours to make a birkin bag. 

The Exclusivity is another essentiel asset.Nobody knows how many birkin bags Hermès is actually selling, and the bottom line it has on the company. Also in order to stay exclusive they do not do any ads, or use social medias, or anything similar in order to promote the bags. 

Hermes+Birkin+Bag-1What is important to remember is that it is hard to have a birkin bag, and you have to be on a waiting list thanks to relationships and then wait a long time before receiving it. Due to this factor, but also due to the price, not everyone can have a Birkin bag. This is why this bag is so mystique and will continue to be.

Marta Rubesa