What are the points that made Karl Largerfel an ambassador of luxury ?

What are the points that made Karl Largerfel an ambassador of luxury ?

Karl Otto Lagerfeldt is borned in Hambourg (Germany) in 1933. Famous all around the world for his talents of fashion designer, photographer, film maker and publisher, Karl Lagerfeld has literally beared the mark of fashion luxury industry. But why is he now such an ambassador of luxury’s world? Karl Lagerfeld represents an incredible character:


His style, his discretion on his private life, his elegancy and natural class, and his little secret about his real age. He begin is career as a fashion illustrator, then after a competition he will be detected by the famous Pierre Balmain to be his assistant. In 1959 he will become the artistic director of Jean Patou before work as an independent stylist for different countries. From Chloé, to the brand Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld finally started to work at Chanel as the artistic director. Chanel was at that time in a critical situation and represents a real challenge for the creator before been a very important moment of his career. Karl Lagerfeld strengthens his name by pick up the image of Chanel and his work is well reputed and extremely covered by press.


It is in 1984, with a huge success, that Karl Lagerfeld opens his own house. From artistic management of the maison Chloé, creation of show costumes to capsule collection, he also created is Lagerfeld gallery dedicated to his photos and books. Karl Lagerfeld represents a pillar of French savoir faire and culture, an unavoidable character in demand in every sectors to train his talent of art. More than writing, fashion, perfumes, photos, design, he also used to have a fabulous collection of French piece of art dating the XVIII century. He is today the artistic director of Chanel, Fendi and his own brand and represents definitively, by his career, a model in luxury industry.    


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