What are the most expensives wines of the world, and why ?

What are the most expensives wines of the world, and why ?

The wine represent the most expensive liquid puchases in history.

It is not always for the inside of the bottle that the price is so high.
« Gout de Diamants »is for example sold for $1.2 million because they replaced their traditional crystal logo plate with a 18 carat white gold plate and mounted a 19 carat diamond in the center of the label.

In 2010, Sotheby’s auctioned off a bottle of 1869 Château Lafite for $233,972 in Hong Kong.

Prices for Lafite are stratospheric in Asia, where it is considered a luxury purchase. During this perdiod this wine was creating the excitement. It was a unique piece.

After this incredible price, many claimed to be the most expensive wine of the world..
In October 2013, Le Clos retailed a limited edition Balthazar of Château Margaux 2009 for $195,000.

The price can be explained because of an iconic cult label, rare and highly priced or just due to a famous owner. Sometimes it is limited edition, or it has the luxury packadging.

Camille PEROIS

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