What are the best wine resort ?

What are the best wine resort ?

Late summer and early autumn are the best seasons for all the wine lovers.Good news for you : many countries are getting specialized in wine.


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Owned by vinters, Meadwood Napa Valley is a luxury resort where you can get wine education. They won many incredible awards ( like « wine spectator award ») .

This slice of paradise of California is a place you ‘ll never want to leave.






Chateau de Bagnol


Who can talk of wine without mentioning France ?

Chateau de Bagnols in Lyon, is an exclusive place where you have wine tasting and sublime views of the Beaujolais countryside.







argentina algodon



Algodon Wine Estates was recently named one of the world’s top vineyard inns by Frommer’s!

It is located in San rafael , in Argentina.

You can get an incredible experience in this luxurious place.




To get more information about the most incredible luxury hotels and resorts, you are more than welcome to have a look on the website


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