What are the best cities for gastronomy in the world?

What are the best cities for gastronomy in the world?

Travelers love to eat that’s why every year, a huge number of « food guide » appears to advice food lovers in their trips. We wanted to advice you with a different angle of the best place to eat in the world.

Not so well known : Sydney Australia.


Australia’s produce and seafood markets are second to none. You’ll find a stunning array of exotic seafood as well as tours, daily auctions, eateries, sushi bars and even cooking classes in some of Sydney’s markets. Japanese and Thai influences abound. Check out Rockpool, Wockpool, Banc, and Wine Banc.

The trendy one : Bangkok, Thailand


Breakfast on the pier will delight you in Bangkok, for lunch, a bountiful buffet is an excellent choice. A traditional Thai dinner is never far away, and unique markets abound.

The top this year : Brusells, Belgium


Brussels has ramped up to become a premiere culinary destination. Comme Chez Soi and La Maison du Cygne are worth your time; for seafood, head to L’Ecailler du Palais Royal overlooking Place du Grand Sablon. You’ll find elegant bistros, brasseries and more.


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