Vr online shopping

Vr online shopping

The biggest example of e-commerce and its notice was in 2016 when Amazon trumped Walmart’s valuation with online sales exceeding 42%.  The only concern that comes into play with online shopping is the natural desire to try items before they are purchased- holding not just seeing.

To compensate for this NARS makeup is now utilizing Facebook 360 to allow potential customers a new way to try out the makeup via smartphones- this is a tool to go through products and experiences virtually.  Another experience put into play is augmented reality which goes way beyond virtual reality, allowing potential users to integrate real and virtual scenarios- seeing is believing.  An app was released last year that allowed users to virtually try on the apple watch and view it from different angles, try different band colors etc.

Magic Leap is working on a ground breaking headset capable of superimposing interactive 3D imagery over real world objects in real time.  All these new technologies are ultimately fulfilling one main purpose, adding feeling to the buying experience.