Vertu: the most expensive luxury phones

Vertu: the most expensive luxury phones

vertu phones

      Vertu was founded in October 1998 and it is based in UK. At first sight, the brand was associated to Nokia for their operating system devices. Nowadays, they choose and use Android operating system.

     The brand creates upper upscale mobile phones: unique models with an amazing quality and they are constituted of noble and rare materials.

      On effect, the main objective of the brand is to create the exceptional and the uniqueness.

Those phones are sold from 4 000 dollars and can reach more than 300 000 dollars. They are composed of top of range materials: leather, ceramic, ruby, gold, diamond and many more.

Moreover, the brand offers personalisation services which bring your Vertu absolutely yours, and unique.

 Vertu established partnerships with luxury brands as Bentley, Bang & Olufsen, Hasselblad, but also with the symphony orchestra of London, the National Gallery and few partnerships with services.

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