Vertu – The Most Exclusive Smartphone

Vertu – The Most Exclusive Smartphone

Their concept is clear: to create the extraordinary. And you can say they deliver their promise.

Handmade by a single craftsman in a small factory in Church Crookham, England, Vertu uses the most exceptional materials, such as ruby, sapphire and titanium, each carefully selected not just for their stunning appearance but for their exceptional strength.

But the most interesting part of this cell phone is the possibility of personalisation, allowing its customers to fully express their individuality.


However, owing a Vertu goes beyond just having an expensive gadget, it’s part of a lifestyle that can only be afforded by few.

Along with the most exclusive and personal phone money can by, they offer very exclusive services: a 24-hour concierge service (worldwide, of course), personal services that can be either be provided by a dedicated lifestyle manager (Vertu Dedicated Concierge) or a team of experts (Vertu Classic Concierge), international traveling agent, business services to help on networking, mentoring and other guidance and much, much more.



The Vertu  Life app is also a plus. Every week they offer an inspiring selection of exclusive experiences that reflect your lifestyle and desires. These opportunities, handpicked by their global connoisseurs and fulfilled by the concierges, are designed to appeal to your every taste.

For those who have their interest set in fashion, they propose a personal stylist to guide you through the worlds of catwalk and couture, championing the cutting-edge, and introducing you to what’s new and who’s hot!

For travel lovers, they have an international agent to curate unparalleled experiences in a lot of style.

Arranging fine dinning and gastronomic experiences with Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants can be easily done for the lucky few beholders of a Vertu.


Whether it’s arts, fashion, traveling, gastronomy or business, the possibilities are endless with this fine gadget, all your dreams just one click away, of course, if you can afford it!



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