Versace after the tragedy

Versace after the tragedy

Versace History

It’s in 1978 that Gianni Versace launch his own luxury company with a woman wear collection. He’s one of the first creator witch launch the first photographic campaign about products. Versace begins his ascent with exhibition and eccentric woman’s collection. Also with supermodels Naomi, Claudia, Kate and Carla who were his muses, each of his shows became a reference for wealthy families and biggest stars .But in 1997, a real drama happened at the Versace House, Gianni Versace, the 50 years old designer has been shot dead on the steps of his Miami house.


An indestructible brand

After this tragedy, her sister Donatella Versace that was in charge of accessories design, became the new CEO and art director of Versace with her other brother, Santo Versace.
It’s been almost 18 years since Gianni Versace died and her younger sister, Donatella took over the power of the family home. At 60, succeed to keep the brand image that his brother had fashioned. The new designer continues the path of stylish, extravagant and very bubbly world of Versace.

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