Luxury cars and Vegan Leather

Luxury cars and Vegan Leather

Tesla is a luxury electric vehicle with an acceleration inequivalent- is evidence that luxury and performance do not have to sacrificed in the act of saving the environment.  Why shouldn’t vegan people be able to enjoy material luxuries in a cruel free way?

Tesla is one of the increasingly innovative automotive companies that is taking the sustainability approach to another level and represents a kind of sustainable luxe.  starting off with and eco- friendly engine and leather seats posed an oxymoron to those interested.  considering the ample amount of green house gases the industrial agriculture sector emits.

Tesla has now diversified by using cloth seats with a synthetic- leather- clad steering wheel.  By using vegan and recycled materials, Tesla is both environmental and animal friendly.  However, with efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are in plans it is becoming more difficult to avoid using animal products, for example certain biofuels are derived from animal fats.