Valentino: The Last Emperor; A Review

Valentino: The Last Emperor; A Review

Thandie Newton


We all can agree that luxury and film go hand in hand. Both are artistic forms of expression; ones that most often portray glamour and elegance, especially when getting celebrities into the mix.


A favorite film of mine that I’ll gladly admit I own on DVD is Valentino: The Last Emperor. The film chronicles the life of the legendary designer, Valentino Garavani from 2005 to 2007, right before he relinquished control over his company, which he’d previously been in charge of for the last 45 years.


Valentino Garavani


The film follows Garavani and his partner, Giancarlo Giammetti all over the globe, from Rome to Paris—all while toting along their five sheepishly adorable pugs. For any fashionista who likes a bit of Valentino red, this film is the perfect match.


Vanessa Monson


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