Up in the Seventh heaven

Up in the Seventh heaven

In the luxury hospitality field, rooftops have an irresistible attraction. This craze for rooftops is not ready to stop. Whether for a drink, relaxing around a swimming pool, watching a sunset, attending a party or attending a yoga class, rooftops are a hit in the hospitality sector.

Here the selection of the top 10 most impressive rooftop world-wild with spectacular and vertiginous views and amazing concept we all dream of.

First, The « Andaz » in Singapore that has a view over the Singapore skyline that leave us speechless.

Then, the « moon bar » at Banyan Tree in Bangkok that offers 360 degree views extending to the horizon in all directions take us directly to the 7th heaven.

In the third of the list there is the spectacular « Ozone Ritz-Carlton » in Hong Kong which is the world’s highest rooftop bar on the ultimate 118th floor and offers a view of Hong Kong Island, gives you the impression of touching the sky.

In the 4th place, « l’oiseau Blanc » at the Peninsula in Paris which is the essence of romance and beauty that represent the city. Up there, it is possible to see the Eiffel Tower. This rooftop pay homage to French pilots who attempted the first flight between Paris and New York on the plane « l’oiseau blanc » gives you the impression of having wings. Last but not least, the QT Melbourne in Australia that is a site of yoga sessions by day and becomes a happening bar serving high concept cocktails by night.

Océane Fiaschi