Unusual partnership of luxury brand

Unusual partnership of luxury brand

BURGER KING X THE KOOPLES : You probably know both of them, the ready-to-wear The kooples and the fast-food Burger King. Since 2014, The Kooples launches TK Foundry a new department that aims to encourage creation in the artistic field and to convey the universe of the brand through music, films, new technologies and art. The only missed was the culinary art. The fast food brand has launched the project of two sandwiches called “the Kooples Burger”, which are hamburgers made up of black bread and black cheese.

LOUBOUTIN X BURGER KING : This collab is piquant. Indeed, from his name “The Angriest Whopper,” the burger’s bread has, you guessed it red – and yes, hence the collab with Louboutin. Featuring roasted beef, bacon slices, salad, tomatoes, onion fritters, hot peppers, mayonnaise and spicy sauce – all low in calories you guessed it – cooking buns will be done with spicy sauce with cayenne pepper and that is all the peculiarity of the thing. At least, a really hot burger, like the famous brand of shoes with red sole. The association is quite surprising – girls with stiletto heels rarely run fast food. To believe that Louboutin wants to conquer a new market, and it necessarily passes through your stomach.

MC DONALDS X DESIGUAL : The Catalan brand communicates strongly via advertising operations and what we commonly call street marketing events, such as since 2006 by distributing free clothes to its customers in exchange for their nudity

SUSHI SHOP X CHRISTOFLE : You’re not dreaming. The famous Christofle house has partnered with the Sushi Shop chain to create a limited edition of customizable silver chopsticks. On this occasion, Sushi Shop, creator flavors, offers a selection of special sushi at the end of the year. Sushi made from noble ingredients such as caviar, truffles or foie gras.

KAYSER X MAUBOUSIN : The famous and prestigious jewelery brand Mauboussin has teamed up with the bakery Kayser, located Place Vendôme, to set up a contest very unusual and especially very attractive! Indeed, a ring Gueule d’Amour in white gold paved with diamonds and set with a rose of France of more than seven carats, worth 975 euros, was concealed in a Stiletto bread from Kayser. And all this for the modest sum of 5 euros, bread prices! A juicy operation for the Kayser bakery and a very good marketing operation for Mauboussin.