Trudon candles: a wax history

Trudon candles: a wax history

All Luxurious brands have its history. Here is special one, that started in 1643, regarding Trudon’s candles, because it started under Louis the XIVth’s monarchy.

The highness used to love those candles for a very simple reason: they are handmade, unique, and a particular attention is attributed to each of those candles. In fact, the wax is carefully harvested, then filtrated, washed again, and exposed to the sunlight, in order to get the most pure white possible for the wax. The candles were ever since the brand for the light of the whole decency of Louis the XIVth, until the French Revolution. Later on, Napoléon made this brand his favorite for his candles as well.

The brand has always been a royal affair, with an intergenerational transmission.


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