Top ten things luxury guests want!

Top ten things luxury guests want!


L. Aruna Dhir talks about ten things luxury clients want on Hoteliers, a website gathering hotel, travel and hospitality news. First, hallmark-defining the personality of a luxury brand and decide what the hotel wants customers to experience. Second, novel concept, it could be some must-do things for different countries. Third, features, it could be luxury chairs, lounges, tubs, etc. Fourth, location, whether it is with good view or near famous spots. Fifth, food- whether there are some great chef with Michelin star cooking delicacies. Sixth, exemplary service, for example, customers can choose the stuffed pillow or are provided with a water taxi. Seventh, locomotion, customer can choose the wheels they want including Lamborghini, Porsche, an elephant or a camel. Eighth, staff, guest orientation and never say no and cannot are important rules. Ninth, the story, it could be linked with famous celebrity, legends or stars. For example, it is Coco Chanel’s second home. Tenth, special touches, it could be big TV screen for customers outside at pool or a red carpet in the airport where the customers land.


Chien Chen Liu