Top Five Dom Pérignon Collaborations

Top Five Dom Pérignon Collaborations

If only every day was filled with Dom Pérignon champagne showers. But do you want to know what I love most about one of the most recognized Champagne brands in the world? The jaw-dropping collaborations. They’re that little thing that gives the brand an “X” factor. It’s something that makes them very unique and different than all the rest.


Here are several of the best Dom Pérignon Collaborations thus far:


  1. Iris van Herpen x Dom Pérignon: One of the most stunning collaborations I’ve seen. Very forward thinking, very chic; the bottle of Champagne only found in my dreams.


Dom Perignon Celebrates Iris Van Herpen 'Metamorphosis' Collaboration


  1. Jeff Koons x Dom Pérignon: If you love Jeff Koons, you’ll easily love this. Bright pink, eye catching, and artistic. Oh and did I mention a bottle will cost you around $20,000?



  1. David Lynch x Dom Pérignon: We all know David Lynch for his mystifying films and TV series like Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks. His collaboration with Dom Pérignon is just that: Dark, surreal, and edgy.



  1. Black Box by Marc Newson x Dom Pérignon: Australian designer Marc Newson did something a little different for his collaboration and created a single black box for his Dom Pérignon bottle. It was his way of taking the brand off its pedestal and making it a little more down to earth.



  1. Martin Szekely x Dom Pérignon: The French designer elevated the classic bottle and created its own elegant wine coolers and ice buckets. Luxurious and stylish, just like the Dom Pérignon brand.






Vanessa Monson


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