Top 5 : Pools of your dream

Top 5 : Pools of your dream

Envy to travel ? These pools and landscapes will make you travel without having to move or will push you to buy a ticket…

1) Marina Bay Sands


Located at Singapore, this pool does part of the hotel Marina Bay Sands. In shape of boat and on the top of the hotel, his length is 150 meters and is to 146 meters above the ground.

2) Villa Honegg


With this amazing sight, you could enjoy the outdoor infinity pool and hot tub in the heart of Switzerland. At over 900 meters above sea level, the pool offers stunning views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains.

3) Hanging Gardens Ubud


This pool based in Bali, in the region of Payangan offers a fantastic view of a virgin forest. Built on two floors like a double balcony, it is possible to profit of this jungle’s view and swim in the water heated at 29°.

4) Qasr al Sarab by Anantara


In the desert of Siwa, in one hour of Abu Dhabi, this oasis surrounded dunes, recall us the arabian nights. Because of the warmth outside, the pool is constantly refrigerated.

5) Resort Thompson


Located in Toronto, you could admire the stunning sight of the city, thanks to the rooftop. This awesome pool offer a breathtaking view on the towers and allows to enjoy the summer in Canada.

Laetitia Belhachmi



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