Top 5 luxury hotels in Italy

Top 5 luxury hotels in Italy

Italy, what a beautiful country with plenty of things to see… A country full of history and heritage a must-to-see before you die.

A bit spread everywhere, there are magnificent luxury hotels, in the most wonderful city of Italy. Let’s discover together the most luxury hotel Italy can offer us.


1°-To begin, Cipriani Hotel, in Giudecca Island, it is something. Their slogan is « even the most blasé traveler is blown away when arriving in Belmond Cipriano Hotel. The best views over the venetian skyline.

2°-The Gritti Palace in the capital of love, VeVenice-Italynice, is also one of the most luxurious hotel. In a city covered by water, full of history, the Gritti Palace, welcome the most demanding customers in a grandiose atmosphere and intime ambiance.

3°-The west excelsior is in the capital, an icon of the Dolce Vita. It has  the most spectacular suite in Europe and it offers a real « Roman Emperor » experience.

In Rome, you will really feel like being in Italy, Rome is full of little back street, with houses stick one beside the other, museum, sculpture and monuments related to antiquity, where it shows where everything begun.

4°-Four Season Hotel in Florence. Florence is also considered as a romantic city, the city of Romeo &  Juliet, a very antique city, jewel of Renaissance. The 4 season hotel, is a worldwide known hotel, so you if you choose this hotel, you already know you’ll not be disappointed, all made in a very antique way, The price of a room per night goes from the 710€ for the most basic one, until 15,500€ for the royal suit.

5°-Last but not least, again in Florence, we can find the St Regis, another wonderful hotel, in the heart of the historical center of Florence, with 80 rooms and 19 iconic suits.

An incredible sunset etches St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican with a warm golden glow. Rome, Italy

Marta Rubesa


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