Top 5 luxury avenues of the world

Top 5 luxury avenues of the world




London, Knightsbridge

This street is full of luxury everywhere, Harvey Nichols with the most expensive brands in the world and spectacular clothes. We can find Jo Malone, Karen Miller and Gucci.

Tokio – Omotesando

A place where we can find luxury brand but also a spectacular architecture in the shops.

Among the most spectacular are Coach and Louis Vuitton.

Bangkok – Siam

This is one of the most luxurious avenues in the world that also has the world’s largest shopping centre dedicated to technology.

Paris – Saint Honore

Saint Honore has absolutely every one of the luxury brands best known in the world. Brands such as Lanvin, Hermes, Chanel, Armani and even the wording of Vogue Paris are present in the street

New York- 5th Avenue

In the middle of the skyscraper we find the 5th avenue one of the most luxury avenues around the world.


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