Top 3: Most Expensive Yachts

Top 3: Most Expensive Yachts

Top 3: Most Expensive Yachts

How the richest people in the world have parties? The answer: Yachts!
Here I present you the three most expensive yachts in the world:


1) Streets of Monaco – $1 Billion

This 550-foot under const
ruction yacht has everything to cover any eccentric billionaire demands. Unique design, its own go-kart track, private beach, casinos, tennis courts and underwater ocean views.

2) Eclipse – Estimated $450 Million – $1.2 Billion

Owned by Russian Billionaire Roman Abromavich, this yacht has a latest technology private defense system, room for 24 guests and even its own submarine.

3) Dubai – $350 Million

The world’s second largest yacht, currently owned by Sheikh of Dubai, has its own swimming pool, spa and helipad; and can host 115 people on board.

Anais Pimentel


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