Tim Walker : The Story Teller

Tim Walker : The Story Teller

Timothy “Tim Walker” born in 1970 in the UK, is a British fashion photographer, who works regularly for magazines such as Vogue, W magazine, LOVE, and whose photographs are subject to permanent collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. At the age of 25 after being a full time assistant to Richard Avedon, he landed his first fashion story for Vogue including British, Italian and American editions. Tim walker is best known for his extravagant staging and romantic motifs characterize his unmistakable style.


He is definitely the new line of fashion photographers. By using his camera to tell and dream. The photographer described as a dreamer, for which there is no doubt in his awkwardly and surreal photography. Walker explains that “ why take a look directly off the runway that we have already seen and put it directly onto a model? The point of a fashion magazine is to style it into a story and a dream.”

Even though he is well known as a fashion photographer, Walker is no less a fashion photographer. He is described as the most unfashionable fashion photographers in the sense that it does not follow any directive but he prefers to create his magical own world reminiscent of our childhood tales. His trademarks are include pastel colors, child objects diverted giants, dolls, stuffed animals, all these things are mixed with princess dresses and make up worked, it takes our imagination to another dimension somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and Big Fish.


Remarkably, a lot of fashion photographers spend many times in digital imaging and also retouching, but Walker’s photography is true to life and not digitally imposed. For example the cheetah standing alongside Agyness Deyn in a British Vogue 2011 spread shot in the Namib Desert had been raised by a local sand tribesman after its parents were shot by proachers.

His recent advertising campaigns include Lanvin, Aquascutum and beauty campaigns for Dior and Givenchy, but “ What is very difficult about advertising photography is when people want a specific thing,” he adds, “Photography doesn’t allow that, life doesn’t allow that. Photography is about freedom, chance, the moment, the light changes, the sun goes behind a cloud, people look miserable, wind picks up and everything looks beautiful.”


Tim Walker is still telling a story, even he thinks there is a cynicism within the industry because there is such an increase in power and money. But there is still an absolute need for fashion industry to dream and tell story.



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