Tiffany – A New Setting of Engagement Rings

Tiffany – A New Setting of Engagement Rings

Before the introduction if the “Tiffany setting” in 1886, engagement ring diamonds did not shine in their fullest beauty. Only the crown of the diamond was visible, not like in today’s Tiffany’s design where the diamond is only hold by small claws in order to make it as visible as possible and making it the main attraction on a person’s finger.

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Tiffany’s new design (Tiffany setting) was highly successful. As a result, the term is now used as colloquial throughout the jewelry industry, just like Post-its or Rollerblades. So Tiffany created a term not only used in its own brand universe but in any kind of luxury jewelry universe.




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Not only created Tiffany a new term but also a big hype, as the “Tiffany setting” happens to be today’s most sought-after engagement ring style, sometimes even called “the most brilliant ring ever”. Prices depend on the size of the diamond and rise from  $11,000 to $565,000.



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