Those icons that marked Louis Vuitton

Those icons that marked Louis Vuitton

Trough its communication, the iconic leather brand had a lot of ambassadors. Those famous women, represented the brand, wore Louis Vuitton, extended it, and marked the History of its brand.

Those women are chosen because they represent something. Besides the fashion industry, they are divas that marked her times, but also powerful women. Symbols of elegance, Luxury, refinement, those superstars are what Louis Vuitton wants us associate the brand with. Among those women we can see Scarlett Johansson, Natalia Vodianova, Jennifer Lopez, but also Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

But, Louis Vuitton accords a huge importance to the chosen photographers as well. From one to three, the people who will immortalize the superstars are as much important as the superstars themselves.

Nowadays, with social networks such as Instagram, we can have a preview of the next Louis Vuitton campaign; by follow its designer, Nicolas Ghesquière.


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