They are the sustainable fashion

They are the sustainable fashion

With beautiful products, innovative materials and a strong opinion, there are women who change the fashion industry. From pollution and exploitation, to clean and fair. And without making concessions to their principles. Thanks to them, we all know now that fashion and sustainability go very well together.

Stella McCartney
While the collections of Stella McCartney may not be affordable for everyone, the brand is a true source of inspiration. The motto of Stella McCartney is: ‘we are agents of change’ and that is what the brand carries out in all possible ways. The products are durable and made of innovative materials. They developed fur-free fur, the brand only uses organic cotton, recycled cashmere, nylon and polyester and they are currently working on ‘vegan wool’ as an alternative to ordinary wool.

Source: Stelle McCartney

People Tree
The founder of the British / Japanese fashion label People Tree is Safia Minney. Against the fast-fashion stream, she started the company in 1991. As a pioneer with a clear mission, which puts the farmers and the makers of clothing at the center, People Tree is a concept 27 years later. The products are 100% fair trade and for sale in the Netherlands. Safia Minney has since retired as CEO of People Tree, but she continues to inspire the world with her knowledge and experience as an author, consultant and activist.

Source: People Tree

Lisa Konno
Lisa Konno fights against the waste of clothing and is opposed to the current fashion industry. Her motto is ‘never lose the optimistic, fun and ever-changing look that can bring, but shake off the unethical ways of the industry.’ She experiments with textiles by recycling fabrics, but also designed a women’s collection for the brand Afriek.

Source: Lisa Konno