These new ingredients that are now worth millions…

These new ingredients that are now worth millions…


If customers are turning to “exotic or extreme” care product, it’s because they are disappointed by labeled organic cosmetics. The ingredients taken from animals have become a new trend to treat the skin and at the same time offer a new definition of natural.

Thus, the beauty industry would turn to snails, earthworms or bees to think beauty products of tomorrow.

The mask for the manure-based face bird, called the “Geisha”

This treatment takes its name from the ancient use of nightingale droppings by Japanese courtesans, whose skin was suffering from high levels of lead in their white makeup. Proposed by Shizuka living in New York at $ 180 price, already seduced Tom Cruise Victoria and David Beckham care.


The properties of the snail slime (or baba caracol)

They are numerous, first to the snail as nature allow the snail is injured or break its shell, to self-regenerate and repair itself through its secretion, secretion also facilitates its movement. It will restore its shell after 60 days.

This secretion or saliva, in liquid form, pure, natural, is filtered and in some cases reduced to powder, and used in care cosmetics which have regenerative properties, curative, curative for the cells of the human skin.photo_1373770102805-1-HD

Among the stars, the race for natural and continuous development of innovative products continues to keep a so-called legendary beauty. Gwyneth Paltrow has already tested the cream snake venom supposed to freeze the facial muscles, like Botox.

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