The women by Yves Saint Laurent

The women by Yves Saint Laurent

No one has ever shed so many tears in her career as Yves Saint Laurent. According to the New York Times, the first collection of the creator already provoked “the greatest orgy of feelings in the history of fashion”.

On January 30, 1958, Yves Saint Laurent barely 21 years old takes his quarters in the house Dior.

The Parisian press was not left out: “The great tradition Dior continues”.
But enormous differences soon appeared in Dior’s conception and inheritance. Indeed Dior, wanted an adult woman, whose charm rested on elegance.
The Little Prince of Haute Couture, as the French voluntarily called it, wanted to create a woman immersed in the turbulent and anarchic life of the 1960s.

He voluntarily jostled conservative supporters with his looks of black leather jackets, sweatshirts and very short skirts, identical to those worn by the rebellious students on the left bank of the Seine.

“After his first great success, Saint Laurent, shy, sickly went to hide himself in a closet”

It was by meeting his protector, his friend, his lover, his double, businessman Pierre Bergé that Yves Saint Laurent founded his house YVES SAINT LAURENT COUTURE in 1962.

It introduces new and unavoidable elements: jacket and trouser sets, safari jackets, transparent dresses but especially the tuxedo for the women whose name is forever associated.

“The little black dress of Chanel is the tuxedo of Saint Laurent for the woman”

Yves Saint Laurent did not just go “hunt” in the student quarters (skirts of rags made of jackets of aviators), the distant countries and past epochs (toga Greek evening that discovered a breast), but also in the ” art. Matisse, Picasso, Mondrian and his great friend Andy Warhol.

And his creations did not exploit any of these artists but always made them a personal tribute.

The world of fashion wept Yves Saint Laurent during his first parade and mourned him one last time on June 1st, 2008, when the creator died of a brain tumor. All the greatest specialists agreed with the former editor-in-chief of Vogue US Diana Vreeland who affirmed “Coco Chanel and Christian Dior are giants, Yves Saint Laurent is a genius”.


Valentine Perreaux

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