The VOGUE September Issue

The VOGUE September Issue



The September Issue is the most important during all year. Twice or three times bigger than format than any other months. The most important photo sessions and the best designers. There is even a movie dedicated especially to the making of the September Issue with Anna Wintour.


Why actually is it so important?

The September issue is not only important for VOGUE, but also for all the fashion industry. This is the issue, which boost the most sales and is the most anticipated during the year, including the numerous of advertisements. Sometimes having the VOGUE in hands, there is the feeling and thought of keeping book of advertisements. Everything in the magazine – from the number of pages, through the order of the articles, finishing with the most important – cover star, is chosen apart and very carefully. It might takes months. Some photo session can be cancelled or photos can not be used, even there was a big budget spent on it. Despite of the digitalization and decrease in the magazine sales, the glossy September issue is getting bigger and bigger.


Once the September was important in the advertisement world. Now, there is the trend of great interest within the customers – readers.

September is also the time for changes. The month of fashion weeks and the month of switching from the Spring/Summer looks in the the Fall/Winter motives. In the women life it is also the time for reinventing the wardrobe, looking for the new inspirations in the magazines, internet. This is the time, when the weather starts changing and it is the moment of putting tench coats, and warm jackets. It is time to finish with the summer leisure and back to work, back to school world. Transformation is wanted.



The advertisement world is very aware of this changes, that is why all the companies want to place their adds in the September issue. It is the great moment of reaching customers, because during this month, magazines will increase sales in the year scale. Companies pay a high amount of money to be present on the good position, especially in luxury. Advertising in magazines involve being in the best pages.



Resuming, what is mentioned above the cover of the magazine is very important. The work on it might be very time consuming and involving many people. All the details of the photo session are discussed. All the details taken into the consideration. The process for choosing the cover theme might take even 6 months. The cover is the first contact magazine with the reader. The great picture might affect the sales of the magazine. The sales performance is incredibly important for all the companies, which payed a lot, to be present in the VOGUE. Bad picture can negatively affect many of them, especially VOGUE.

September Covers Vogue


























Olga Oplotna

Olga Oplotna

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