The visit of La Fondation Louis Vuitton

The visit of La Fondation Louis Vuitton

It is incredibly beautiful building in the incredible beautiful place, which is surrounded by amazing park! Unusual combination of architecture and nature, the cascade of water going down the stone steps to the foot of the building, colored petals-wall revealed differently under the new angle of view – these are  the main things which separates la Fondation Louis Vuitton from other architecture buildings in Paris. Another masterpiece by the great architect Frank Gehry! Conceptual designs began in 2004, when Gehry presented the first models. For this project Gehry found inspiration in soaring glass-and-steel structures of the 19th century. Only here, glass replaced metal as the defining material. As museums don’t hang paintings on glass walls, the architect and his team essentially conceived a building within a building. Underneath sits an assemblage of irregular volumes, known as the Iceberg, containing 11 galleries for art. To observe city-just walk on the terrace and you will be shocked by a fascinating view on the city, and you also can see Tour Eiffel and well-known business quartier la Defense. The atmosphere inside the building is really calm and relaxing. You can hear the sound of water and some slow Zen music which reminds you that time is licking like water and all that we can do – just stand still and stare. Many different interesting exhibitions take place in Fondation Louis Vuitton, so this place is very attractive for the tourists. The building is surrounded from one side by Jardin d`acclimatization and from another side – by Bois de Bouloigne. These two natural parks are very picturesque. In the Bois de Bouloigne we can find and feed funny squirrels who are jumping from one branch to another. In the Jardin d`acclimatization we can see some very rare species of birds, gooses walking in the alleys of the garden, we also can see a brown bear, lamas, deers, ships and goats, the garden is full of different animals and plants! It is a very entertaining place where you can come with the children, inside of the garden there is a small attraction park for the kids. In my opinion la Fondation LV is a great place to spend your time with pleasure, enjoying architecture, expositions and nature. It is a universal place to share the spirit of LVMH group and to get inspired!

Le musee Louis Vuitton au coeur du bois de Boulogne. Paris, FRANCE-18/09/2014


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