The unique hotel : a unique place in the world.

The unique hotel : a unique place in the world.

In a city where, architecturally, you are competing with signature buildings it is no mean feat to construct a new hotel that instantly grabs the attention. The Unique does just that. It looks like a giant slice of watermelon and is an instant draw with its gravity-defying, upturned moon-shape structure.

Ruh Ohtake’s cunning design means that the floors get consistently wider the higher they go. The spacey green copper that adorns the façade of the zero-carbon building is set off by the surrounding mini dark glass sculptures and ochre-coloured cubes that function as a desert urban artwork/garden planted with agaves and palms.

Hotel guests arrive at a sky-high wooden doorway, the lobby is a vast, underused, cathedral-high space housing the adjacent bar with big comfortable sofas and day beds to lounge on.

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The real action is up top at the Skye Bar and restaurant surrounding the pool. The scene up there rocks and the Sao Paulo 360-degree skyline competes with that of Manhattan, providing a perfect backdrop for partying. The restaurant serves a delicious mix of Brazilian, French, Italian and Japanese fusion fare.

Sao Paulo Unique Hotel



Luisa Montero

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