The “Très particulier”

The “Très particulier”

The “Très particulier”

If you come to Paris to play the romantic card, you will surely find your happiness in this bar.

Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, in Montmartre, the “très particulier” is a hidden bar that belongs to the “hôtel particulier”, a five star hotel. To find it, you’ll have to look. This bar that reopened these doors in 2015 is hidden in a corner of avenue Junot. No sign announces its presence and even the majority of Parisians ignore its existence.

Open at specific times, it is very difficult to access. Legend says you need a password to enter. But your efforts will be rewarded. So, when you come in, you arrive in the passage de la sorcière, who has long been threatened with closure.

However, if you do, you will enter a hidden world away from the noise of cars and the stress of the city. With a vodka bar, a cocktail bar and a tea room, its different atmospheres will seduce you. In a tropical and sensual atmosphere imagined by Pierre Lacroix, this place will seduce your partner. Oscar Comtet, director of the Hotel, appealed this interior designer, to give a new atmosphere to the place.

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