The top 5 famous lipsticks in Yves Saint Laurent

The top 5 famous lipsticks in Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent founded in 1961, and founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. Besides the ready-to-wear product, leather goods and jewelry, YSL beauty products also have a good performance in the luxury beauty market.


Focusing on the beauty section, especially on lipsticks. YSL lipstick’s packaging can be classified into two types, round and square. For the pigmentation, the square lipstick has better pigmentation than the round lipstick. Round type of lipstick is the famous product in YSL, and it includes 4 different colors. On the other hand, square type of lipstick has 3 different beautiful colors, and the golden packaging is attracting by many girls because it looks very luxurious and elegant.

The top 5 famous lipsticks in YSL are, rouge pur couture satin radiance, kiss & love collection, the mats, golden lustre and rouge volupte shine. In these collections, rouge pur couture satin radiance is my favorite, this lipstick has beautiful color and good durability, which can make me look great!



Hsu Ya Han

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